• Fresh Catfish
  • Fresh breadcrumbs
  • Pale dry Sherry
  • Garlic 'n' Dill MISO MAYO
  • For about one pound of fine, fresh catfish
  • About 1 cup of homemade fresh breadcrumbs made from your favorite flavorful bread. I usually do a whole rosemary baguette from the Truckee Sourdough Bread Co. and freeze the rest.


  1. Combine the breadcrumbs with about 1/2 bottle of Garlic ‘n’ Dill Miso Mayo.
  2. Coat the catfish pieces with the mixture, making sure to use it all. There should be 2 - 3 pieces.
  3. Place them in a baking dish in which they fit snugly and sprinkle them with 1 or 2 T of excellent pale dry sherry + pour a little more around the edges to prevent burning and to add flavor.
  4. Bake them in a 430 degree oven until they are toasty brown; about 20 minutes.
Original Miso Mayo