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Miso Mayo bottles


Instead of Mayo !

miso swirl

Vegans AND omnivores love award-winning MISO MAYO for its full-bodied umami flavor and versatility. Delicious on salads and sandwiches, veggies and wraps, fish, meat and poultry - this Miso Alternative to Mayonnaise is perfect for daily use and outstanding for special occasions.

Are you a food adventurer? Food lover with allergies or on a special diet? Try MISO MAYO - a unique and savory condiment that’s everyday delicious and excellent for parties, roadtrips and lunchboxes.

miso swirl

MISO MAYO is plant-based and hand-packed in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. We use non-GMO ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers close to home. And MISO MAYO is always free from dairy, gluten, eggs, cholesterol and sugar.

Contains Soy. Original MISO MAYO is a live food.

miso is nutritious, versatile, happy, ancient, delicious

MISO - a highly nutritious ingredient made from fermented SOYBEANS. Miso has been prized for centuries for its health-giving organisms and delectable flavor.

miso swirl