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The Miso alternative to mayonnaise.

Miso Mayo bottles

Spicy Red Pepper

Fresh and Zingy with roasted red pepper, ginger and roasted jalapeno!

Original Flavor

All-around Flavorful and Versatile. Our best seller!

Garlic ‘n’ Dill

Roasted garlic with dill and lemon for a full-bodied lift!

Great taste - Healthy life
Miso Mayo is made from soy without dairy, cholesterol, eggs, wheat, gluten, or sugar.

"An intriguing new concept in condiments. Meet MISO MAYO, a vegan alternative to mayonnaise."


"Nicely sharp and tasty, excellent to smear on a turkey sandwich, to use in chicken or potato salad or to mix with yogurt and herbs for a dip."


MISO MAYO is a versatile soy-based condiment, a delicious vegan alternative to mayonnaise and high-fat dressings. It has no dairy, gluten, eggs, cholesterol or sugar and is low in saturated fat. We buy our ingredients from suppliers and growers whose seeds and crops have not been genetically engineered.

MISO MAYO is made with miso from Hawaii, and is hand-packed in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The full-bodied umami flavor of MISO MAYO enhances and completes many different foods - check out the recipes that customers have shared for your enjoyment!

MISO MAYO is delicious for daily use as well as for parties, picnics, school or work lunchboxes since it won't spoil if you leave it out of the refrigerator all day. Use it for topping, dressing or dipping your favorite vegetables and sandwiches, salads and breads, even roasting poultry, fish and meats.

MISO MAYO is perfect for vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic and restricted diets . Original MISO MAYO is a live food.

Perfect for barbecues, picnics, lunchboxes, camping and road trips, party platters, buffets: ( won't spoil out of the fridge all day!)